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Forgotten Voices: Conversations with the Overlooked of Society

Saturday Oct 23 7pm
500 N Clinton St

Saleem Ghubril


Saleem Ghubril is a passionate advocate for children and for the City of Pittsburgh. An ordained Presbyterian minister, he has devoted his life to serving the people of his community through outreach and education programs.


In 1985, Saleem founded The Pittsburgh Project, a community development organization that provides free home renovations to hundreds of vulnerable seniors each year. It also mentors, educates, and deploys thousands of youth in meaningful volunteer community service. Saleem led The Pittsburgh Project until 2008, when he assumed the leadership of The Pittsburgh Promise.


The Pittsburgh Promise works for a future where:

  • all urban youth are equipped to reach post-secondary success,

  • all public schools serve all children excellently,

  • Pittsburgh is flourishing in all its neighborhoods,

  •  and our workforce is widely diverse and highly skilled to advance a region that is good and just for all.

In the last 12 years, The Pittsburgh Promise has sent more than 9,500 urban youth to college and provided them with over $144 million in scholarships.

Saleem is the volunteer pastor of Mosaic Community Church in Pittsburgh. He also serves on the boards of The Buhl Foundation, Vibrant Pittsburgh, and the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.

Since 1976, Geneva has brought over seventy accomplished Christian scholars, writers, artists, and practitioners in a wide variety of fields to speak on campus each semester. In addition to their public lecture for a general audience, many of our speakers offer a specialized seminar in their field of expertise, co-sponsored by the University of Iowa department in that field. We also occasionally offer follow-up activities and clusters of events related to our speakers. All lectures are free and open to the public.


Some of our noted speakers have included Bryan Stevenson, NT Wright, William Lane Craig, Richard Mouw, Marilynne Robinson, Makoto Fujimura, Madeliene L'Engle, Sir John Polkinghorne, Tony Campolo, and Calvin DeWitt. 


Featured below are some videos of our most recent lectures. See more videos HERE.

Spring 2018

Tough Calling: Growing Hope at Times of Crisis

with Theologian, Pastor, & Author, Dr. Mitri Raheb

Spring 2017

Exhausted from your Insta-Snap-Tweet-texting Life? Sociological & Theological Reflections on Technology

with Sociologist, Dr. Felicia Wu Song


Charity is not enough:

Why Justice Matters

with Philospher, Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff

FAll 2017

Onward Christian Warriors: Evangelical Masculinity and the Rise of Donald Trump

with Historian, Dr. Kristin Du Mez

FAll 2016


A Dynamic and Fruitful Universe

with Astrophysicist, Dr. Jennifer Wiseman

FAll 2015

Postsecular Approaches for Literature and the Humanities

with English Literature Scholar, Dr. Lori Branch

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